Malta House Purchasing Guide

Simple Guides before Owning a House of Character in Malta

House of Character can be best defined as a house beautifully adorned with traditional architecture, with original features such as arches, troughs and old stones. Many of these houses of character get converted into clusters of four, five or many properties, interconnected, to serve a modern family.

Many of them date back to more than 400 years and harbour amazing skills of craftsmanship. In the olden days, these houses would host a family of twelve or more, but today, the converted houses would host, mostly, a modern family of five.  They are readily available in the market but vary in prices depending on whether the building is furnished or unfurnished, and its location.

Here are great tips to consider before purchasing one a house of character in Malta;


They are too attractive to avoid, charming and unique to ignore! Their composition gets best described as majestic and quirky. Their traditional architectural features do captivate the eyes and the heart of those who never fail to appreciate their skillful craftsmanship. Vaulted ceilings, traditional balcony, and wooden beams give an immense beauty of these old homes. They have, over the years, appreciated due to high demand and the attractiveness. Ensure you get the property of your taste and standards.

Converted or Unconverted

Converted houses of character are considered more expensive compared to unconverted ones. You will need to choose the one you want depending on your budget. Choosing an unconverted one can be advantageous as you will manage to finish it up according to your taste, standards, and preference. Though getting skilled workers, the permit and undertaking the renovation might increase your expenses putting a lot of weight on your shoulders.

Choosing a converted property on the other hand will be beneficial because you have an option of moving in as soon as the contract is finalized.

Expert Advice

After a daunting and demanding process of getting the property of your choice, contacting an experienced architect, to guide you and assess the condition of the building will be necessary. The architect will also be in a better position to give you an approximate idea of expected expenses and a time frame of work to be done. An expert will also advise on the legal requirements such as permits for you to get a full picture of all that is required for you to own the property.

Appointing of a notary officer to confirm the status of the land and completing the searches on the property is also necessary.

Maintenance Expenses

Houses of character are expensive to maintain compared to a modern apartment. Regular maintenance work will be required to keep the home looking good. It will translate to giving a regular coat of paint, walls cure for dampness and facade maintenance. The expenses are a lot higher due to the age, timber, and infrastructure which require annual maintenance.

Houses of character are becoming sparse in Malta due to changes in house trends. If you are planning on buying one, this is the best moment. There is no fulfilling feeling than waking up to a beautiful view, fresh air, broad and large windows, and a beautiful endowed traditional architectural masterpiece.

Cab Pickup at Malta Airport

How to pick your taxi at Malta international airport

Sometimes renting a car is unavoidable and people end up paying a lot of money if they didn’t book in advance. Actually it is the standard situation when people travel to different countries and need to drive to reach the final destination. Some people even rent a car because they do not want to wear their own vehicle out if, especially if they need to drive a long route. Unfortunately, most of the car rental companies run unfair business and try to make a lot of money from emergency clients. If you would like to know more about the intricacies of car rental, read this article up to the end.

1.) Usually, the highest cost is insurance. Companies offer clients to pay for additional insurance to avoid various problems. In case you already have car insurance, you have a right to refuse the one offered by your car rental company. If you do decide to pay for their insurance, be very careful and read the contract. The reason is because there may be fine print and some specific clauses can be present in there.

2.) Pay attention to every detail and check the car before you take it. For example, review this message, posted on complaints site: “My mistake is that I did the walk around with the agent without making him brush off every last flake of the snow. I signed the contract and then barely drove the car. I returned the car, after hours, the following evening, and received a call the next morning claiming that there were dents and scratches on the rear passenger side. These absolutely did NOT happen while the car was within my possession.”

3.) Before renting a vehicle, make sure you know how long you will need to use the car. Add 20 or 30 minutes, just in case. Mainly because there may be traffic jams and other occurrences. Calculate your time beforehand! In case you return a car later than the determined time, the renting company may charge higher fees. In that case it is better to catch a cab. Taxi firms like have a chaufer service and can stay the whole day with you to take you to places around the island of Malta

4.) When you take a car, the tank is full. This means you will need to return your vehicle with the same amount of fuel. Otherwise the company will charge additional money. Check the needle on the gauge panel, it should be on the F mark.

5.) Also, try not to forget personal things in a car when you return it.

6.) And finally be attentive with Bait and Switch offerings. If the rental provider attracts you with cheap quotes, it does not mean you will avoid hidden costs and additional charges. Ask the managers or call to the customer support service to find out the possible hidden costs.

In conclusion we want say that the aforementioned tips for booking a rental car are the basic ones. You also may visit various forums or social networks to know more tricks and secrets of successful car renting experience. Be well informed about top auto rental providers and read reviews about them on the world wide web. Be attentive and avoid being cheated!

How much is an average apartment in Malta worth

A guide to buying an apartment in Malta

The investment Registration scheme in Malta that allowed residents with assets and investments overseas to bring them back to Malta set off a low-interest rate trend amongst money lenders.  These same people who are very rich and own yachts in Malta. The Maltese residents were given the chance between 2001 and 2015 to bring their assets to Malta and make them legal, no questions asked. Naturally, most Maltese residents took advantage of this chance and bring all their investments back home. Most of them took their money and invested it in the real estate business in Malta.

There is also the fact that the height requirements in some areas in Malta were abolished. Combined, these factors caused a boom in the property market in Malta. Because more and more people were looking to invest in land and build properties, the buying prices have continued to increase in Malta rather steadily.

While the property market in Malta is growing slowly, it is performing better than the property market in most European countries. As of 2015, Malta was considered to have the second highest economic growth in the eurozone.

The current economic trends have made it such that property prices today in Malta are higher than they have ever been. The property prices in Malta are also higher than those in most countries in the world. The rent per month of a one bedroom apartment is an average of €646.48 in the city center. Outside the city center, the price for a one bedroom apartment is approximately €492.39.while a three bedrooms apartment is €1,136.85 in the city center, it is €791.91 outside the city center.

Naturally, it is more expensive to live in the city center. If you are a business person, living in the city center means that your costs of transportation to and from work are reduced. You will also have access to some of the best schools and other amenities. When such factors are put into consideration, you find that you will be getting more for less. Outside the city center, the transportation costs per month may surpass the costs of living in the city especially for people who travel to the city each day.

If you are considering buying an apartment either for yourself or for rent, you want to ensure you know the average price of apartments for sale in Malta. The price per square meter of an apartment in the city center is €2448.33 while buying the same size apartment outside the city is €1,604.9. If you are considering getting an apartment and then renting it out, you also need to know where you will be buying the apartment. For instance, buying an apartment in the city may be expensive. However, you will end up getting your money back in one year given that the renting prices in the city are also high. It is also important to note that the property trends in Malta dictate that these prices will only increase.

The prices also depend on the real estate agent. For example, there are some real estate agents in Malta like and ta dernis properties who do not charge a commission because they build the property themselves. In other words, they are both the real estate agent and the developer. If you do a google search for property developers in Malta, you will probably find these type of companies and save 5% which you can use to improve you home, for renovations etc.

You, therefore, could be looking at a higher price by the last quarter of the year or the beginning of the next year.

How to Build a creative business

How to Build a creative business

I’ve always wanted to start a really creative business of my own. I love arts, crafts and books so I’m thinking about floral design, a quilt shop, a bookstore or an art gallery. How do I decide which one is right for me?

Creative Urge

Dear Creative,

This is one of the hardest choices in starting or buying a business. Most people have many talents and interests. How can you possibly choose just one?

Several of your choices could be combined to create a business that reflects who you are. You could own a quilt shop that sells books and magazines on quilting, for example. Or, perhaps, an art gallery that only sells pictures of books about floral design while sitting on quilts? However, we think it would be very difficult to attempt them all, and you would be so unfocused that success would be unlikely.

One of Cindy’s favorite memories is a store up in Frisco, Colorado that was a Chinese restaurant, Laundromat, Video Store and Car Wash. It may have seemed like a good combination to the owners and it actually managed to stay in business a couple of years. The Laundromat, car wash and video store had a strange kind of synergy, but we seldom saw people buying food there.

Consider that a business, like cows on a dairy farm, always needs feeding and care. It will need work even when you’re tired and have already worked 12 hours that day. Which of the four possible businesses that you listed is the one thing you can do, day in and day out, and never get tired of? The historian Joseph Campbell always recommended: “Follow your bliss.” Which business is your “bliss”? Answer that, and everything else tends to fall into place. To move forward and make sure you have a very strong business, you need a top quality law firm. To support you every step of the way.

At the same time, business is a stern taskmaster! If you do not make a profit, you cannot stay in business. Can you answer this question: Which of your choices will give you the best chance to make a profit?

If you can’t answer it right now, or aren’t sure of the answer, begin with finding information about the place where you want to have this business. Can you draw enough customers locally to succeed? If you’re in a tiny town far from tourism areas, any of these choices will make success very tough. If you’re in an area that has a lot of potential buyers, either residential or tourist, the next step is to scope out the competition for each of these businesses.

Some competition is good-you can tell by their traffic whether there are enough interested people around to make a business work. You can also scope out the competition’s strengths and weaknesses. If you can find that your competition has a lot of unsatisfied customers, you’ve got a real opportunity. You may find that the competition with unhappy customers is running it as a hobby (you’re not planning on doing that, are you?). Consider making an offer to buy any local competitor that you’d like to emulate. An existing business comes with huge advantages, not the least of which are the existing customers and cash flow. You get to improve, not prove, the business.

Have you ever heard the reference to “Fred’s Junkyard and Croissants”? Fred was just a little too unfocussed, a lot like the Chinese Menagerie owner above (one business from column A, two businesses from column B). Remember to stay focused in whatever you decide so your energies are not spread too thin for success.

Bottom Line? Our recommendation would be to take care of your bottom line. Choose something that you love, will make you money, and make it fast enough that you don’t have to run at a loss for too long after you start.