Malta House Purchasing Guide

Simple Guides before Owning a House of Character in Malta

House of Character can be best defined as a house beautifully adorned with traditional architecture, with original features such as arches, troughs and old stones. Many of these houses of character get converted into clusters of four, five or many properties, interconnected, to serve a modern family.

Many of them date back to more than 400 years and harbour amazing skills of craftsmanship. In the olden days, these houses would host a family of twelve or more, but today, the converted houses would host, mostly, a modern family of five.  They are readily available in the market but vary in prices depending on whether the building is furnished or unfurnished, and its location.

Here are great tips to consider before purchasing one a house of character in Malta;


They are too attractive to avoid, charming and unique to ignore! Their composition gets best described as majestic and quirky. Their traditional architectural features do captivate the eyes and the heart of those who never fail to appreciate their skillful craftsmanship. Vaulted ceilings, traditional balcony, and wooden beams give an immense beauty of these old homes. They have, over the years, appreciated due to high demand and the attractiveness. Ensure you get the property of your taste and standards.

Converted or Unconverted

Converted houses of character are considered more expensive compared to unconverted ones. You will need to choose the one you want depending on your budget. Choosing an unconverted one can be advantageous as you will manage to finish it up according to your taste, standards, and preference. Though getting skilled workers, the permit and undertaking the renovation might increase your expenses putting a lot of weight on your shoulders.

Choosing a converted property on the other hand will be beneficial because you have an option of moving in as soon as the contract is finalized.

Expert Advice

After a daunting and demanding process of getting the property of your choice, contacting an experienced architect, to guide you and assess the condition of the building will be necessary. The architect will also be in a better position to give you an approximate idea of expected expenses and a time frame of work to be done. An expert will also advise on the legal requirements such as permits for you to get a full picture of all that is required for you to own the property.

Appointing of a notary officer to confirm the status of the land and completing the searches on the property is also necessary.

Maintenance Expenses

Houses of character are expensive to maintain compared to a modern apartment. Regular maintenance work will be required to keep the home looking good. It will translate to giving a regular coat of paint, walls cure for dampness and facade maintenance. The expenses are a lot higher due to the age, timber, and infrastructure which require annual maintenance.

Houses of character are becoming sparse in Malta due to changes in house trends. If you are planning on buying one, this is the best moment. There is no fulfilling feeling than waking up to a beautiful view, fresh air, broad and large windows, and a beautiful endowed traditional architectural masterpiece.