How to choose your LED Panel

Led lighting guide

The use of LED panel light has grown extensively over the years. Whereas it has been used on billboards and street lighting for decades, it is increasingly being used to illuminate residential and commercial buildings worldwide. The LED panel is a long-lasting, energy-saving light fixture that is gradually taking over from the incandescent light bulb.

It is a cost-effective light source that throws bright light evenly over a room and doesn’t have a glare. Due to its compact design and slim features, it can be easily mounted on ceilings, walls, and other flat surfaces. How then do you choose a LED panel for your home or office?

Size and installation

Most LED panel lights come in square and rectangular shapes in the following sizes – 600×600, 1200×300 and 1200×600.  There are different ways to install a LED panel light including suspending them from the ceiling using cables, having them surface mounted in a frame on the ceiling or having recessed lighting where a panel drops into an existing ceiling grip. Each of these lights suits a room depending on a room’s function.


Like most things, not all LED panels are the same. Some are brighter yet use less power. It is important to check the lumens per watt of a LED light fixture while buying it.  Lumens are a measure of the total amount of light emitted from a light source while watts measure how much energy is consumed by a light source. Lumens per watt measure the energy efficiency of a LED light fixture. Some LED panel lights deliver more light while using less energy meaning they produce more lumens per watt and are therefore more energy efficient.

Color Temperature

Measured in Kelvin (K), color temperature describes how the light from a LED panel looks, often phrased as warm white, pure white and cool white. Measurements range from 2700k for very warm to over 5000 for very cool lights. Warm lighting appears golden and yellow in color like a burning candle while cool white appears almost blue. If you are looking for a modern look for an office then cool white is the ideal color. For a more traditional golden color then warm white is what you would be looking for.

Dimming Function

Some LED panels from sonica led come with a dimming switch which allows the user to change the intensity of the light to suit different occasions or to serve different purposes. For instance, a dining room may require the dimming function to create a romantic ambiance. Dimming saves energy consumption and extends the panel’s life.

If you are looking for an efficient light source, then LED panels are your best bet. They brightly light up a room while using low energy. You should consider buying LED panels that will fit it into your existing ceiling grid and that produce more lumens per watt. Choose a color that is suitable for the room and remember to inquire if the LED panel has a dimming switch or not.